Security is $100 a year or $10 a month. Additional Devices are $50 a year or $12 a month.

Security to help protect against malware and viruses. We offer unlimited security checks and security cleans as well as proactively scheduled maintenance.

Data Back-Up

The cost of the back-up is at cost plus $50 a month regardless of how much data you have to back-up and maintain. One time $5 set up fee.

60% of small business who lose their data will shut down within 6 months.

IT Support

Support is $50 a month up to 10 hours then $25 an hour after the initial 10 hours.

Let us worry about the little IT things that take up so much of your precious time.

All Three

Up to a 20% discount on each service when all three are utilized.

All Three - Security, Data Back-Up and IT Support.

Set Up Fee

$200 set up fee for the first 10 computers, then $50 for each additional computer

An in-house IT can become expensive. We provide the security, back-up, and support needed at a fraction of the cost to keep you focused on what you love.