About Us

We help companies, large and small, with high quality, U.S. based, IT support services. Employees will have their technical problems fixed quickly by our friendly, experienced team of U.S. based analysts. Since RobustCX is only a call away, your computer systems’ downtime will decrease, so that your revenue doesn’t.

RobustCX was started on the premise of providing the best customer service we can and being a tech support company you can trust. We understand your needs and our goal is to provide you with the best support along with tangible results.​

Our Goal

Computer security is of upmost importance and we take your personal security very seriously. Small Businesses are at a greater risk and are more vulnerable to hackers than large businesses with IT departments. This is why your company needs to have the right protections in place and your data stored securely.

RobustCX specializes in working with small businesses and will give your company the same enterprise level protections provided at a lower cost, crucial data back-up and proactive IT support.

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